Monday, 7 July 2008

And there off!

Here we go, my first Blog. Why am I doing this? Well I'm not sure at the moment, hopefully if you're reading this then it's actually been worth while. Seriously, I've been working in Middleware for getting on for 10 years now and I thought it was about time I started contributing something back to the community. Hey, and if I get a little bit of PR at the same time, well thats even better.

I graduated from Newcastle University with a Bsc in Software Engineering in 2000 and went straight to work for the Guy's at Arjuna. At this point they were still part of HP and I was mainly involved with Corba and the HP Application Server Integration. When HP binned their Middleware division Arjuna took on another life and I was mainly involved in developing ArjunaMS their JMS offering. If you've never heard of Arjuna they have been about forever, take alook at Arjuna. After working on the Coal face (In Industry) with A financial Company called Cedar I decided to get back in to Middleware and do something interesting. An opportunity arose at Red Hat working in the JBoss Division and here I am.

Any way lets hope I can think of something to blog about, so here we go!